Joint PainThere are approximately 360 joints in the human body that serve to provide structural stability and support fluid movement. When damage to joints occurs, the result is often painful, restricted motion, with surrounding muscle spasm and inflammation.

The causes of joint pain are just as numerous as the treatments, making it understandably difficult to know which solution is best for your problem. Conventional management of joint conditions typically involves dependence on daily medication, repeated steroid injections, and invasive procedures. While surgical intervention is occasionally required, the providers at Elevate Medical prioritize natural, drug-free therapy options that assist in the body’s ability to heal itself.

When you undergo care at Elevate Medical, your joint pain will be addressed from a collaborative perspective, where you will receive the expertise from several different health provider types under one roof, and one treatment plan, for the most individualized attention possible.  Imagine what your day would feel like without the stress of achy joints!


Common Causes of Joint Pain:

Rheumatoid arthritis
Sprains and strains
Soft tissue tears
Degenerative joint disease


Joint Pain


Joint Services at Elevate Medical:

Joint Exam and Testing – thorough review of your symptoms, history and medications, followed by testing to identify source and location of pain
X-Ray Imaging – on-site suite to obtain detailed radiographic images as they are needed
Physical Therapy – to improve strength, lessen repetitive joint pain, improve balance, and regain your desired level of independent activity
Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Injections – ultrasound-guided joint injection of umbilical cord-based stem cells, which can grow or “regenerate” needed joint and nerve tissue
Chiropractic Adjustments – for the realignment of joints, muscles, and bones to reduce pain and improve natural body functioning
Platelet Rich Plasma Injection (PRP) – using the plasma within your own blood, your body’s own platelets are spun and re-injected to heal torn tissue and reduce inflammation
Joint Braces – removable braces to support and strengthen the joint while it heals
Infrared Light Therapy – in-office or take-home infrared light therapy helps repair and grow blood vessels for increased blood flow to any area of damage
Ultrasound Therapy – also known as Mediwave, ultrasound pulse waves concentrate the brain’s attention on the area of needed healing and regenerates nerve tissue


If you are suffering from joint pain, please call Elevate Medical to schedule an appointment, 720.907.6767.