Neck + Upper Back Pain


Neck and upper back pain has become a very common concern in the age of consistent computer and smart phone usage. The vast majority of people drive cars daily, which can also lead to problems from poor driving postures, or the possibility of damage from car accidents. Regardless of the cause, neck and upper back pain can result in a chronic cycle of symptom aggravation, compromised functioning, and reduced quality of life. When was the last time you missed out on work or an important occasion due to your pain?


Neck + Upper Back Pain



Neck + Upper Back Pain

Upper Crossed Syndrome

Common Causes of Neck + Upper Back Pain:


Muscle strains or spasm

Nerve compression

Misalignment of neck vertebrae

Neck injuries including Whiplash

Degeneration of joints and discs in neck

TMJ dysfunction or other jaw problems


Poor posture including Upper Crossed Syndrome






Neck + Upper Back Pain


Elevate Medical offers several services to address your neck and upper back pain. After a comprehensive evaluation, a treatment plan will be created for your specific needs that may include the following:


Chiropractic Adjustments to restore movement between joints

Pain Injections involving anesthetics and/or anti-inflammatory medications

Ultrasound Therapy to break up scar tissue and adhesions

Physical Therapy for muscle strengthening and posture correction

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections for tissue tears

Human Cellular Tissue Product (HCTP) Injections for degenerative disease


If you are looking for a complete approach to resolving your neck and upper back pain, schedule your appointment today, 720.907.6767.