Sexual dysfunction affects both men and women and can arise at any age.  While the causes are numerous, the result is a regular pattern of disrupted sexual desire, arousal, or pleasure.  In other words, sexual dysfunction occurs when you have a problem that prevents you from wanting or enjoying sexual activity.  Despite how common this disorder has become, the impact it can have on individuals and partners may be quite detrimental if left unaddressed, leading to strained relationships, lack of self-esteem, and persistent dissatisfaction.


Common Causes of Sexual Dysfunction


For both men and women, sexual dysfunction is commonly caused by one or more of the following:


Physical or physiological factors, including hormonal imbalances

Psychological issues, including stress, depression, and fatigue

Diseases such as diabetes or neuropathy

Certain medications, most common are blood pressure medications and antidepressants

Regular drug and alcohol use



In women, normal transitions throughout life, including pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause contribute to significant fluctuations in hormone levels, alongside accompanying physical and psychological changes.  During these times, particularly where there are dropping hormone levels, many women experience dryness, thinning, and inflammation of their vagina, often with a decreased interest in sex, that result in painful intercourse.


Many men, especially with age, develop Erectile Dysfunction, or the inability to achieve or maintain an erection.  This condition is typically due to problems with blood flow and can be the result of any of the above.  In addition, men may also suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, a buildup of scar tissue that causes painful erections, or premature or impaired ejaculation.  With or without these specific ailments, a lack of sexual desire may be present.


Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction


Traditional treatment for sexual dysfunction highly depends on the specific cause, but typically involves medications such as Viagra, penile implants, or surgery; and, for women, hormone therapy and lubricating gels or creams. Other interventions include psychotherapy and treatment of other underlying issues.


Elevate Medical offers natural solutions to treat sexual dysfunction without drugs or invasive surgery.  Regenerative medicine procedures, such as the O-Shot for women or P-Shot for men, utilize the body’s own healing mechanisms through platelet-rich plasma injections. Mediwave, or shockwave therapy, employs the restorative properties of acoustic waves as they pass through the skin.  Both options have been shown to repair damage, break up scar tissue, improve blood flow, promote new blood vessel growth formation, and decrease inflammation.


As an integrated practice, Elevate Medical has the resources and expertise across multiple specialties to address other aspects of your health that may be playing a role in order to give a more complete approach.


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