Traditional medical treatment for small nerve fiber peripheral neuropathy involves prescriptions for anti-seizure and anti-depressant drugs, including gabapentin and amitriptyline, respectively. These medications are used to decrease symptoms; but, they do nothing to correct the condition or regrow critical small nerves.

The doctors at Elevate Medical have a 90%+ success rate with patients receiving treatment for peripheral neuropathy.” to “The patients at Elevate Medical have a 90%+ success rate receiving treatment for peripheral neuropathy.

This treatment has allowed patients to stop taking prescription neuropathy pain medications that often result in numerous ill side effects. Some patients report reduced neuropathy pain after just one treatment.

Imagine being able to do the things you love again – walking more than 50 feet, hiking, vacationing, golfing, walking the dogs. . . even jogging! These are all activities that patients have had the satisfaction of doing again. What would you like to do in your life again that has been stopped by your symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?


What sets Elevate Medical apart in treating peripheral neuropathy?



Peripheral Neuropathy TreatmentThe providers at Elevate Medical have the knowledge to correct the peripheral neuropathy disease process. Dr. Terry Smith, co-owner of Elevate Medical, has spent years studying the causes, effects, and outcomes of all treatments.

Early on, it was quickly revealed that prescription medications are meant for one thing in neuropathy – decreasing symptoms by numbing your brain. Without truly addressing the cause of nerve damage, or death to nerve endings, management with medications lead to persistent suffering and continued disease progression, often with a side of harmful effects.

After dedicating himself to finding a better alternative, Dr. Smith learned about a technique called Low-Level Light Therapy. This treatment was initially researched, tested, and developed by NASA, and was later approved by the FDA. When a group of visionaries in the medical community discovered the effects of Low-Level Light Therapy, they began using it with patients and getting incredible results, without the use of drugs and surgery.

Dr. Smith has studied with some of the pioneers in this field, including Dr. Joe Diduro, from Phoenix Arizona, and other doctors in California, Oregon, and Washington State. He has passed this knowledge on to the team at Elevate Medical to produce the same amazing outcomes he saw with patients while practicing in Colorado Springs.


Therapy Equipment

Peripheral Neuropathy TreatmentElevate Medical offers the best and latest equipment used to correct peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy TreatmentLow-Level Light Therapy

Low-Level Light Therapy consists of LED light pads that when absorbed 2-3 cm into tissues causes vasodilation (increased blood circulation in the blood vessels). The effect is decreased inflammation, stimulated nerve growth, and increased nerve production.

HakoMed Bioelectric Therapy

HakoMed machines function by producing an extremely high frequency of electrical impulses that are converted by biochemical reactions in the body’s tissues. The result is a comfortable, painless sensation as your overall discomfort is reduced, and your nerves are stimulated to regrow.

Mediwave Ultrasound

Mediwave Ultrasound accelerates healing in patients with nerve conditions or tissue damage by increasing blood flow to the extremities, stimulating tissue cell and nerve growth, and decreasing inflammation.

Human Cellular Tissue Product (HCTP) Injections

When patients present with a very severe case of peripheral neuropathy, portions of Elevate Medical’s HCTP Injection program can be utilized. Specifically, human umbilical cord tissue or mesenchymal stromal cells can be used to initiate cellular growth in areas on the foot, legs, and hands when the body is unable to repair these tissues on its own.

If you are serious about changing your life and correcting your peripheral neuropathy condition, call the experts today at Elevate Medical, 720.907.6767.